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Recently the House of Representative’s passed the SECURE Act which is now before the Senate for consideration. Further, the President has indicated he would sign the legislation if the Senate passes it.

The SECURE Act will profoundly affect your ability to leave an IRA to a family member who is not your spouse. Under current law if you are a non- spouse and inherit an IRA you can “stretch out” the withdrawals over your lifetime. The law now requires you to make withdrawals (required minimum withdrawals) each year over your lifetime but the new law limits those withdrawals to no more than ten years forcing many taxpayers into a much higher tax bracket and potentially much higher taxes.

Tax bracket management has always been important but now takes on an even more prominent role in intergenerational planning. If you have a large IRA you should be meeting with your financial advisor to address the potential adverse tax consequences if a non-spouse inherits the IRA.

The questions to ask are:

  • Can a Roth conversion benefit me and my family by lowering future taxes?
  • Should I consider gifting all or a portion of my IRA to charity during my lifetime or from my estate?
  • Can a Charitable Remainder Trust help to me “stretch my inherited IRA even after the SECURE Act?
  • Does the SECURE Act effect my decision to make salary deferrals to the Roth option in my 401(k) plan?

Our response to all of these questions is YES!

Schedule a free consultation today to discuss the Secure Act.

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