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Capstone Wealth Advisors Sponsors Charity Golf Event

At Capstone Wealth Advisors we work to make sure our clients know they are our number one priority but we don’t stop there.  We understand the importance of supporting our local communities as well.   On June 1st, Capstone Wealth Advisors was a proud sponsor of the 12th Annual Tom Lehman Memorial Golf Tournament for the benefit of Campt...
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Year End Reminder

Many Capstone clients use Indiana’s College Choice 529 Savings Plan to save for their children’s and grandchildren’s future college education expenses. This remains an excellent option for Indiana residents to utilize as it provides both an immediate tax credit for contributions and tax-free accumulation for future qualified higher education expens...
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Tax Efficient Portfolio Management

Taxes work against investors like a riptide on a rowboat. With each stroke, the rower inches ever closer to shore, only to be pulled back to sea by the strong, fast-moving currents of an outgoing tide. Taxes – especially when not managed properly – have a similar effect on investors, erasing progress towards their financial goals. Many investors a...
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