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Saving $30,000 in Taxes

We regularly discuss with our clients and prospective clients the need to review and understand their tax situation before making changes or recommending investments. After all isn’t it important to know the cost of a transaction before entering into the transaction? It’s why one of the first things we do is review a new prospective client’s tax re...
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Greece Votes "No." Now What?

On July 5th, Greek citizens voted overwhelmingly to reject the most recent conditions offered by the country’s official creditors — the European Commission (EC), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The vote reflected widespread dissatisfaction with Greece’s economy and a belief that the country’s struggles are...
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Open House

As many of you know, we recently moved into our new office (in the same building) at 5875 Castle Creek Parkway, Suite 290, Indianapolis, IN 46250. We were thrilled to open our doors to clients and friends for our open house this past Thursday evening.We loved the opportunity to spend time getting to know our clients (and their friends) in a more ca...
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