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Recently the House of Representative’s passed the SECURE Act which is now before the Senate for consideration. Further, the President has indicated he would sign the legislation if the Senate passes it. The SECURE Act will profoundly affect your ability to leave an IRA to a family member who is not your spouse. Under current law if you are ...
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Tell Your CPA What You Did with Your IRA Because Your 1099R Won't

  In a previous article I mention how you can reduce your taxes by making charitable gifts directly from your IRA. However when your IRA custodian sends you your 1099R at tax time it only shows the gross amount of distributions from your IRA. Unless you tell your CPA/tax preparer that you made a direct charitable gift they will likely includ...
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Reduce Your Taxes

You can't change the new tax law but you can change your behavior and reduce your taxes. Did you know by simply changing the timing of your charitable gifting you can lower your federal and state taxes by thousands of dollars. Assume you give $10,000 to charity per year and your total allowable itemized deductions equals the new standard deduc...
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