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Tell Your CPA What You Did with Your IRA Because Your 1099R Won't

  In a previous article I mention how you can reduce your taxes by making charitable gifts directly from your IRA. However when your IRA custodian sends you your 1099R at tax time it only shows the gross amount of distributions from your IRA. Unless you tell your CPA/tax preparer that you made a direct charitable gift they will likely includ...
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Saving $30,000 in Taxes

We regularly discuss with our clients and prospective clients the need to review and understand their tax situation before making changes or recommending investments. After all isn’t it important to know the cost of a transaction before entering into the transaction? It’s why one of the first things we do is review a new prospective client’s tax re...
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Tax Efficient Portfolio Management

Taxes work against investors like a riptide on a rowboat. With each stroke, the rower inches ever closer to shore, only to be pulled back to sea by the strong, fast-moving currents of an outgoing tide. Taxes – especially when not managed properly – have a similar effect on investors, erasing progress towards their financial goals. Many investors a...
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