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Election Results: Trump Makes it to the Big League

Riding the global wave of populist sentiment that brought Brexit to the European Union and ‘Duterte Harry’ to the Philippines, as well as traction of some far-right and far-left parties and candidates in European countries, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stunned his critics and won the general election. The question now is: What comes...
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Is Your Advisor Qualified? Can You Tell the Difference?

I read an interesting article recently discussing a new study which found that in US political elections the candidate who subjects say looks more competent wins the election 70 percent of the time.  The study also found that while Americans choose leaders who look like they'll get things done, Chinese voters want someone who appears good at g...
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Future of Interest Rates

Over the past few weeks, discussion on the future of interest rates has been widespread following the Fed’s quarterly meeting and again following Brexit.  I found the following chart from economist Larry Summers interesting. It graphs the Federal Reserve’s interest rate expectations, by year, and clearly illustrates how consistently wrong...
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